PDO threads are dissolvable sutures made of polydioxone. Once the threads are inserted in the skin, they stimulate a tissue reaction resulting in neo-collagenesis (new collagen formation) and fibroblast stimulation. This results in improved elasticity, smoothing of the skin, and structural repair around the area of insertion. 


Benefits of PDO Threads 


-PDO threads are a safe, non-surgical treatment. 

-They don’t require any special preparation before treatment 

-You can see an instant effect

-No visible cuts or scars

-Completely absorbable 

-You can repeat the procedures

-You will not see or feel the threads. Some mild tension can be felt for up to two weeks after the procedure


How Do I Know if PDO Threads Are for Me?


As we age, volume loss plus gravity can create sagging tissue, resulting in loss of  youthful, plump appearance. While some of this can be mitigated by using fillers, dermal fillers alone are unlikely to create the lift that you’re looking for. Many in the past have resorted to surgical procedures which have many risks, a long recovery time and are very expensive. 


PDO threads are a great alternative since they can be used for a non-surgical lift with minimal risk and downtime. The threads stimulate neocollagenesis for a more plumper, youthful look. PDO threads are largely categorized as barbed or non-barbed. The non-barbed threads are thinner and shorter and are laid in a mesh pattern in the sub-dermal plane for volume and collagen stimulation. This procedure has minimal downtime and discomfort and can be combined with other non-surgical injections and procedures for a more youthful appearance. 


Common Cosmetic Uses of PDO Threads



-Forehead lines (vertical/horizontal) 

-Eyebrow lift (flaccid tissue around the eyebrows) 

-Lower eyelid 

-Cheek augmentation 

-Nasolabial folds (smile lines) 

-Corner commisure (marionette lines) 

-Chin lift 

-Double chin 

-Masseter muscle reduction/jawline 

-Smoker’s lines

-Upper lip augmentation 



-Neck lift 



-Thigh lift 

-Breast lift 

-Tummy lift 


What Can You Expect During Treatment 


Treatment is performed in the privacy and comfort of Advanced Weight Loss & Wellness, and is administered by a Board Certified nurse with certification in PDO Threading. 


No anesthesia is required but we can provide topical lidocaine prior to treatment.


Procedure takes 60-90 minutes (or longer) depending on the area being injected and the number of threads. 


We recommend avoiding straining the muscles where the threads were injected too much as it can lead to thread detachment. 




Because we use cannulas to inject the threads, the procedure is very safe and there is no or minimal bruising. There is some mild swelling and soreness for 2-5 days after the procedure and a mild sensation of tightness for up to two weeks. Temporary dimpling of the skin can also occur and resolves in a dew days.


How Long Do Results Last 


The treatment can last 4-6 months and shows the highest resilience in the first 2-3 months. 


Who Is a Candidate? 


Both men and women over the age of 21 can be candidates for the treatments described above. 


PDO Threads Contraindications


-You have active acne at the area of injection 

-You have a hypersensitivity/allergy to any sutures 

-Skin infection 

-Clotting disorder (hemophilia) 



-Keloid predisposition 


-Adverse medications: anti-coagulants (Coumarin,Heparin)


*Always talk to us if you have any concerns before a procedure. 

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