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April 4th: National Vitamin C Day

Join us on April 4th at our office throughout the day for fun, specials and a few unannounced suprises! (Pssst: We will have our very own Nespresso Espresso Bar from 9am-11am. Enjoy a latte on us!)

Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness National Vitamin C Day

National Vitamin C Day offers us a great opportunity to discover all the ways that Vitamin C nurtures our health inside and out.


SkinCeuticals founded National Vitamin C Day in 2019 to celebrate this research and the proven benefits of vitamin C.

The research of Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, founding scientist of SkinCeuticals, established the parameters for effective vitamin C antioxidant delivery to the skin, allowing SkinCeuticals to pioneer the emergence of cosmeceuticals.


Vitamin C is also known as L-Ascorbic Acid and can be found abundantly in the following foods:

  • One Orange - 70mg

  • Rosehips - 119mg

  • Red Bell Pepper - 95mg

  • Papaya - 96mg

  • Chili Pepper - 109mg

  • Guava -126mg

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and as such, protects our bodies (and skin) from the damaging affects of free-radicals. Free-radicals are molecules that are produced when your body breaks down food or is exposed to toxins and pollutants, such as ultraviolet light, tobacco smoke, and chemicals in our environment. Free-radicals are known to play a role in heart disease, cancer and other diseases, and cause damage to the skin.

Vitamin C is needed to form blood vessels, cartilage, muscles and collagen in bones, and helps strengthen your immune system. It is also very beneficial for your skin.

Advanced Weight Loss and Wellness Antioxidant Powerhouses


Skincare products that contain vitamin C not only protect the skin from additional damage, but are also the key to a smooth, glowy complexion. Vitamin C used topically can:

  • Hydrate

  • Brighten

  • Reduce redness

  • Reduce hyperpigmentation

  • Reduce the appearance of under eye circles

  • Promote collagen production

  • Prevent sagging

  • Improve skin firmness

The founder of SkinCeuticals, Dr. Pinnell, discovered the proper concentrations needed for best absorption of Vitamin C through the skin. His research and subsequent patents are the basis of this skincare company whose products are science-backed.


We hope you will join us at your leisure on April 4th for great savings on Vitamin C skincare and related products. We will also host a help-yourself Nespresso Espresso Bar from 9am-11am (only the best coffee for your collagen powder!). Specials include:

  • 25% off all SkinCeuticals skincare in stock, including sunscreen

  • 30% off SkinCeuticals Vitamin C products in stock

  • Buy one SkinCeuticals A.G.E. and receive a free SkinCeuticals product gift valued at $78.52

  • 40% off all Neocutis skincare, including sunscreen

  • $15 off our best selling Ancient Nutrition collagen

  • Buy two collagen and get a free shaker cup, valued at $20

  • Free with purchase Ancient Nutrition Collagen Book, complete with recipes

Call us (423)-616-03243 at anytime with questions regarding professional skincare or our National Vitamin C Day event.

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